Solution Delegate Ticket - Entry

- Networking with the nationwide e-commerce elite
- Access to lectures and business cases
- Welcome bag with special offers
- Coffee breaks
⭐ Free lunch and drinks with pre-arranged places for optimal networking
⭐ Afternoon networking activities
⭐ Cocktail with music and party

This product is no longer available.

Networking with the Nationwide E-commerce Elite: Engage with top professionals and leaders in the e-commerce industry from across the country, providing invaluable opportunities to build and expand your professional network.

Access to Lectures and Business Cases: Gain exclusive entry to insightful lectures and detailed business case presentations from industry experts, offering practical knowledge and strategies to enhance your business.

Welcome Bag with Special Offers: Receive a complimentary welcome bag filled with exclusive offers, promotional items, and useful resources tailored for e-commerce professionals.

Free Coffee Breaks: Enjoy scheduled coffee breaks throughout the day, perfect for recharging and casual networking with fellow attendees.

⭐ Free  Lunch and Drinks with Pre-arranged Places for Optimal Networking: Savor a delicious lunch and complimentary drinks, with seating arrangements designed to facilitate optimal networking opportunities and meaningful conversations.

⭐ Afternoon Networking Activities: Participate in engaging afternoon activities specifically designed to foster connections, collaboration, and relationship building within the e-commerce community.

⭐ Cocktail with Music and Party: End the day with a vibrant cocktail party featuring music and entertainment, providing a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere for further networking and celebration.